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Class of '57
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Best Looking Guys from Southeast '55 - '57

 Walter Tague, Gary Thompson, Ronnie Livingston, Dennis Rendina, Ken Jones, Bob Ruff, John Phillips, Bill Perry, Dick Warren, Darrell Corwin, Don McGowan, Bob Reeder, Don Kopp, Kenny Madden, Eddie Leslie.

Southeast High Gathering - October 99

Front: Ruth Weston, Dennis Rendina, Betty Holt, Dick Warren
Back: Bill Perry, Karl Keen, Don Kopp, Doug Madden, Bob Reeder, Gary Thompson, Eddie Taylor, Jim Moorehouse, Pat Peterson, Frances Anderson, Dick Herr, Kenny Madden, Larry Smith.

57 grads on a recent Alaskan cruise
Pat Cranor Morris, Sandy McKenzie Phillips, Connie Sejnost Geldback & Judy Graham

Mary Peters & brothers - all Southeast Graduates
Kenneth '47, Jerry '59, Harold '61, and Don '62

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